All237 ESG User Agreement


Section 1 (Objective)

The objective of "All 237 ESG User Agreement" is to regulate rights, obligations and any other requirements between Smartcubic and Users for use of all our services.


Section 2 (Definitions)

  1. "Company" indicates All 237 ESG domain owner.
  2. "User" means the clients who use all our services after entering into the contract by agreeing Smartcubic User Agreement.
  3. "Partner " is who provides diverse smartcubic platform domain to users based on company's general services.
  4. "Service" means various services provided to users through company's platforms.
  5. "Information" is the facts and information about users and any other information being gathered and collected by company.
  6. "Contents" means anything that users provide, share, or post on company.
  7. "ID" is comprised of letters and numbers which are given by users and are approved by company.
  8. "Password" means letters and numbers given by users to identify proper users and to restrict others from accessing.


Section 3 (Sign Up)

When signing up for company, you have to provide your ID, name, email address, mobile number and password. You should also agree to SmartCubic and Livecubic platform User Agreement and be approved by company. After singing up, you should confirm your email address by reading a confirmation email sent by company and verify your mobile number by entering verification code sent to your mobile phone.

In the following situation, company may disapprove your sign up or terminate signed users.

  • When you do not agree to All 237 ESG User Agreement or Privacy Policy.
  • When you sign up using others' personal information.
  • When you provide a false information.
  • When you do not provide your information (ID, name, email address, mobile number and password).
  • When you do not meet the minimum age requirements (in this case, you need a consent from your parent/guardian).
  • When you breach company's, User Member's or any others' copyrights or intellectual property rights.
  • When your conduct may bring defamation and business obstruction.
  • When you pursue your personal profit using company's services and any other way.
  • When you act illegally.


Section 4 (User Agreement)

You agree to All 237 ESG  User Agreement and Privacy Policy by singing up as well as signed users agree to them by using company services. All 237 ESG  User Agreement and Privacy Policy can be amended from time to time.


Section 5 (Modify user information)

Users can change their personal information at any time. However, the information that is required to be unchanged for services cannot be modified or changed. If you modify your personal information, you should email company to notify it. Company has no responsibility for any disadvantages and losses occurred by modifying personal information.


Section 6 (User obligation)

  • You should confirm and verify your email address and mobile number with your own email account and mobile.
  • You will not provide any false information or anyone's information other than yourself without permission.
  • You will not provide or sell your account to others.
  • You meet the minimum age requirement.
  • You should own only 1 account for yourself.
  • You should keep your ID and Password secure and confidential and do not share with others.
  • You should notify us if you identify a suspicious login using your account.
  • You are obliged to keep your information current and accurate. Especially, if your mobile number changes, you should change your number and verify it within 48 hours.
  • You have a legal liability if your conduct brings a copyright infringement.
  • You should not use company's services for your financial benefits or your own commercial gain.
  • You do not use company's trademarks or any other without our consent.

If you do not meet one of above and it results in any disadvantages and any losses, company will have no responsibility.


Section 7 (Communication, notices and service message)

You agree, by signing up, that company and User Member communicate to you using your contacts that you supply. You also agree to followings:

  1. notices and messages through mobile;
  2. email sent; or
  3. notices and messages through any other methods.


Section 8 (Service & Charge)

SmartCubic: this is where you can download various application related to company. By signing up for company, users agree to use the plugin.

My smartcubic: the system that enables users to synchronize others' information (text, photo, video, article, advertisement, coupon, event and so on). By signing up for company, users agree to use the plugin.

Smartcubic list: this is a new type of search engine using categorized information. By signing up for company, users agree to use the plugin.

Address book: this is where you can use a social network system. By signing up for company, users agree to use the plugin.

There is no charge for use of any company services and User Member services. But, be aware that there is a normal mobile fee (such as text message and data) charged on you.


Section 9 (Content & information)

In terms of copyrights and intellectual property rights, users have a legal liability for the contents or postings that you provide on company.

Users can control how your postings and contents are shared and disclosed by settings.

Users grant company a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any contents that users posted. This grant ends when users delete contents unless these contents have been shared with others and they have not been deleted.

To respect others' rights:

  • You do not conduct or post anything that may breach others' rights or laws. Company can delete these kinds of contents at any time.
  • You do not post anything that may invade others' privacy.


Section 10 (Company Obligation)

  • Company provides best quality services using user information.
  • Company protects user information securely. (Refer to Privacy Policy).
  • Company may notify users when services are changed.


Section 11 (User suspension and termination)

Users can terminate their account at any time. Company may terminate or suspend users' account if they breach SmartCubic and Livecubic platform User Agreement or Privacy Policy, or conduct inappropriately. Once the user account is terminated or suspended, the user becomes unable to use services and User Member services. After termination, you cannot create another account without our permission. Company has no responsibility for any types of loss after suspension or termination.


Section 12 (Rights to ownership)

Copyrights and intellectual property rights of company services are owned by company. Company only provides a rights to use its services to users therefore users cannot transfer, sell or dispose copyrights and intellectual property rights of company.


Section 13 (Others)

Users could encounter offensive, obscene, inappropriate, inaccurate and illegal contents. Company puts effort to prevent all users from being exposed to these contents. However, Company will have no responsibility for any types of loss resulted from these kinds of contents.


Section 14 (Legal issue)

Company complies with New Zealand laws.

Company or representatives have no legal liability to you or any third party for any indirect, special, exemplary, incidental or consequential damages occurred from your use of company services and User Member services.




Privacy Policy:


SmartCubic and Livecubic platform Privacy Policy


Company indicates Smartcubic platform and it protects your personal information and only provides information:

  1. to provide company services or User Member services to you;
  2. to implement our features and functionality to you;
  3. where User Member needs for its products improvement, marketing and advertisement; and
  4. where it is required by law.

Company always tries to design safeguards in order to protect your personal information.

If you continue to use our services after SmartCubic and Livecubic platform Privacy Policy has some amendments, company will consider that you agree to SmartCubic and Livecubic platform Privacy Policy.

Users can terminate their own account whenever they do not satisfy with Smartcubic Platform Privacy Policy.


Information that company gathers

Company gathers information through following methods in order to provide services.

  • Information you give us: Company collects information like user ID, name, email address, mobile number and etc. Company uses these information to communicate and to provide company and User Member services (promotion, offers and etc.).
  • Information from online: Company implements Cookies in order to gather web based information.
  • Information from Mobile Application: Company also collects user information from mobile.
  • Information from other sources: Company may gather various information from any other sources.


How company uses information

User information is very important for us to provide diverse services. Company uses your information in order to develop quality services. In addition, company uses information:

  • To send a periodic email.
  • To verify your company account.
  • To supply company or User Member's variety of promotions, opportunities and offers to users.
  • To improve company and User Member services.
  • To keep company services and User Member services interesting.
  • To solve a problem when it happens.
  • To give feedback or answers to users.
  • To enable User Member to quality products and services to you by providing information to them.
  • To marketing and advertising company or User Member products and services.


How company shares information

Company shares your information with the partner partner companies that are related to smartcubic platform partner company. These companies share your information in order to provide various services mentioned in SmartCubic and Livecubic platform User Agreement.

In addition, company shares information with third-party partners to provide and improve services, which include advertising, measurement and analytics services (They use your information to show you relevant ads and so on). Be aware that company protects your personal identifiable information.


Legal issue and information disclosure

User information may be disclosed if it is required by law. Also it could be disclosed for investigation of illegal activities and to protect company or User Member's rights and properties. In the case of disclosure, company will notify related information to users. When the business is sold, the information is transferred to the new owner.


Information holding, modifying and updating

  • User information is kept securely by company and the users can access to their information at any time under Privacy Act 1993.
  • All users should maintain their information accurately by updating because company relies on the information that you enter and supply.
  • Where necessary, user information may be modified or deleted.
  • Users may request deletion of their own information.

Refer to Privacy Act 1993 to see more about how we protect your personal information